Our Services


SEAL drive test team provides professional drive test services by collecting and analyzing drive test results and monitoring optimization activities on the field of our customers network. Our experienced team ensures that we provide fastest and most reliable network field data. Our drive tests include:-

  • 2G, 3G and 3.5G measurements
  • Perform indoor, pedestrian, and outdoor measurements with various of measurement tools (NEMO, Rohde & Schwarz Romes, TEMS, Huawei Genex Probe)
  • Drive testing for network optimization & benchmarking
  • Route planning
  • Deliver measurements and analysis reports
  • Working parallel with Optimization Team and hard-soft parameter changing requests
  • Customized KPI reporting, Special reports
  • Telecoms Installations

  • Erection of towers and masts.
  • Remote power/energy wind & solar supply & installations.
  • Installation, Inspection and maintenance service.
  • Outdoor works consisting of aligning RF and/or microwave antennae.
  • Cables installation:-feeders, jumpers & micro-cables.
  • Checking cables with Site Master.
  • Alignment of antennae as per specifications.
  • Installation of base stations:- RBS/BTS
  • Installation of transmission rack.
  • Grounding of equipments.
  • Installation of rectifiers and battery bank.
  • The antennae, the wave- guide locks, flexible wave guides to ensure reliable and proper RF connections.
  • Installation of outdoor radio unit & antenna support arm.
  • Supply of materials for telecom Infrastructure.
  • Fibre optic installation

    SEAL has many years experience of installing, terminating,testing & commissioning fibre cabling solutions for our clients. Whether you need a fibre optic backbone for a data cabling system, fibre to the desk, links between buildings across your campus, or between floors within a building, we have the expertise to undertake any project. We install multimode OM1, OM2 and OM3, OM4 and single mode OS1 and OS2fibre optic cables, terminate them to a wide range of fibre optic connectors and we can test the complete installation to ensure the performance of the fibre links. Termination of fibre optic cables is completed by our in house fibre optic engineers, who are specialists in working with a wide range of connector types. These include, SC, LC, MT-RJ, as well as being fully trained to splice fibre optic cables and pigtails using the latest fibre optic splicers. The installed fibre optic links can be tested by our fibre optic engineers using a light source and power meter or OTDR tester. Full test results are supplied to the client following completion of the project.

    Generator Installations

  • Exhaust fabrication & installation
  • Sound proof canopies
  • Generator service contracts
  • Civil works
  • Plinth works
  • Generator relocations
  • Load requirement & consultancy
  • Site survey& mapping
  • RadioNetwork Optimization

    SEAL optimization team provides expert consulting services by analyzing, drive testing and monitoring RAN network for our customers. Our proven quality and experience is a significant asset to ensure the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable network configuration. Our optimization service includes:-

  • Troubleshooting of customer complaints
  • Frequency / Neighbor sites planning
  • Voice / Data Capacity Dimensioning
  • Inconsistency / discrepancy analysis
  • Parameter Tuning
  • Radio Network feature activation